Does anyone remember the commercials where the kids asked for ravioli and their parents said no so the kid put it back but then the can threw itself off the shelf and rolled its way to the kids house and the mom was so accepting of it when she found it not thinking if her kid took it anyways after her saying no and they ate it for dinner.

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i started ranting about people headcanoning reyna as white and then got so pissed i had to start speaking in spanish tbh

This is too beautiful so I’m gonna translate some of the Spanish: 

I don’t understand! She is Puerto Rican. Puerto Rican. I have to say it in Spanish because I’m so furious.  I’m enraged because of that because you’re looking at a hispanic person that is in a position of power and immediately you have so say “Yeah she has to be white”. What kind of shit is that? What is the logic behind this? What are you thinking in your head? That you’re fucking up her name and you’re immediately (because she’s in a position of power) saying “She’s white”. You have no love in your heart for yourself. You have no love. You know what? I’m gonna pray for all of those people, I’m going to pray to the lord so that he can forgive your parents because this level of racism has to come from a place of ignorance so big. I don’t know what you’re doing in your head. You’re jumping the highest of heights to put all of the people that you see white. You’re swimming the entire ocean, you’re jumping from who knows where to confirm in your head/convince yourself that this person that came from Puerto Rico, that oh my god…she says that she is Puerto Rican. She says it with her own mouth. Her name is Reyna Avila Ramirez Arellano and you  want to disconnect that and connect something else that doesn’t make sense/is irrelevant? She can be hispanic and have power and authority. You don’t have to remove that part of her so that she can be in a place with authority and a voice and also in a place where the power is not given by someone else. I don’t understand, you have to actually change her and say “yeah she’s white because that’s the only thing that gives her power”, “she can’t be powerful and have authority without being white”. That’s, that’s racism. That is racism and that gives me pity to be in this world where you can’t have a hispanic person in a position of power. I don’t now, I just don’t know why I sit here and hear all of this and i don’t know why I don’t take all of these people and smack their head. God is grand. You have to be thankful that you don’tlive where I live, because I swear  that *insert cuban slang here*. I can’t even with this. I can’t even. 

I wanna mention that I know white Puerto Ricans. And white Cubans, and Venezuelans, and ecuadorians, and brazilians, and Mexicans, and every other fucking Hispanic nationality because white is not a fucking nationality, you don’t have to be dark to be Hispanic. You’re not wrong, but don’t be calling people ignorant when you’re assuming that Hispanic people can’t be imagined as white.

This is something really important. Both parts, but while the first one is really important for racism, whitewashing and lack of representation the second one is really important to remember in this particular (Hispanic and Latinos) case. 

Reyna can be Puerto Rican and white. Hispanic or Latino is not a race, it’s an ethnicity. She could be of any race, she could even be black or asian! (and the same with Leo who I seem to remember is described as Latino but brown-skinned isn’t mentioned, correct me if I’m wrong) So there’s no need to hate on people who don’t see her brown. That said while it’s not really whitewashing seeing her white on your head, representation is important and outside your head you shouldn’t make her white. 

Because have you stopped to wonder for a second why does so many people imagine Reyna -who’s camp leader- white but Leo -who’s pretty much a loser- is usually seen brown? 

You might not mean it, but by making Renya white and Leo brown you’re perpetuating this stereotype of brown people can’t have a position of power. So please, you can read the book and imagine her white and whatever they tell you, you’re not a horrible person for that (though you probably have internalised prejudices). But when you’re talking about her or making things about her please for the love of gods make her brown skinned! You don’t lose anything and a lot of people win positive representation which is really needed and important (specially because it’s not just for empathy but because there are so many negative traits wrongly associated with brown skin, representation is not just so people can look at the media and see themselves in it, it’s also because if it’s hard to imagine for you in a book how hard will it be to accept on real life?). 

TL;DR: Reyna could be Asian for all we know, but having her represented as brown-skinned is more important than your personal headcanons (don’t be lazy and read at least my comment for an explanation of why, but basically she could be lots of things but the important thing is what she should be to be a positive influence)

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Puppy growing up, no hesitation on the second jump. [video]

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parks and rec + text posts (part 2)

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wow i really like this song i think i’m gonna listen to it 1 maybe 60 more times

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MY human mother keeps Hassling me about all the coal i eat! She keeps saying “ITS NOT HEALTHY!”

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The older I get the more this resonates with me

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please look at my birthday cake. its absolutely incredible

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i have a masters degree in rolling my eyes

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